What to expect when you first visit Emmanuel

Service at Emmanuel usually last about 90 minutes depending how the Holy Spirit is moving through out the service.

Upon arrival after you are warmly greeted, you'll be given a visitor's card to fill out so that we can continue to stay in touch and pray for you.

During our service we have a meet and greet time of fellowship to help make you feel even more welcome.

As a first time visitor you are not required to give unless you feel led of the LORD to do so. Our main focus is to make sure that you have the opportunity to enjoy JESUS along with other believers.

We do have children's church which usually takes place down stairs. At the designated time children will be escorted down stairs to children's church. In children's church your child will be cared for and .ministered to on their level.

The music at Emmanuel is a combination of contemporary and traditional which are all Scripturally based. Our music is designed to minister to every individual in such a way that they are ushered into the presence of the LORD so that they can leave out much better than they were when they came in.

At Emmanuel we encourage people to dress comfortably so that they can really enjoy the service.